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Images of ecosytems and their benefits

What is EnviroAtlas?

EnviroAtlas is a collection of interactive tools and resources that allows users to explore the many benefits people receive from nature, often referred to as ecosystem services. Key components of EnviroAtlas include the following:

Why is EnviroAtlas useful?

Though critically important to human well-being, ecosystem services are often overlooked. EnviroAtlas seeks to measure and communicate the type, quality, and extent of the goods and services that humans receive from nature so that their true value can be considered in decision-making processes.

Using EnviroAtlas, many types of users can access, view, and analyze diverse information to better understand how various decisions can affect an array of ecological and human health outcomes. EnviroAtlas is available to the public and houses a wealth of data and research.

Learn how to use EnviroAtlas

Watch the EnviroAtlas demonstration video to learn more about the Interactive Map and its functions.

About Us

EnviroAtlas is a collaborative project developed by EPA, in cooperation with the US Geological Survey (USGS), the US Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Forest Service, and Landscope America. Produced by the collective effort of federal employees, contractors, and non-governmental organizations, EnviroAtlas develops and incorporates data from federal, state, community, and non-governmental organizations.

Meet the EnviroAtlas team...

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EnviroAtlas Interactive Map

Image of interactive map

Eco-Health Browser

Image of Eco-Health Browser


This is the first release of EnviroAtlas; the content will continue to be updated and may not be fully reviewed.

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