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EnviroAtlas Resources and Publications

Images of ecoystems and their benefits

The data in EnviroAtlas has been developed using unique models, tools, and research that has been performed by EnviroAtlas project partners, collaborators, and other researchers.

These pages include publications on the research that supports EnviroAtlas data, fact sheets for the project and data, a glossary of terms used throughout EnviroAtlas, and a catalog of the EnviroAtlas " Update Bulletins ".

Many of the tools and models used to develop EnviroAtlas data are available to the public and are included on the Downloadable GIS Tools webpage or the Related Links webpage.

There are numerous resources related to the science behind EnviroAtlas data and analysis. The Eco-Health Relationship Browser includes nearly 300 articles on ecosystem services and their relationship with human health and well-being. These articles are accessible within the browser and through its bibliography. Each EnviroAtlas data fact sheet includes a list of selected publications that provide additional research related to that metric.

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